Open every day (Mon - Sat) from 8:30 AM - 5 PM

Christmas Shop Belfast

At this time of year we swap our plants and pots for Christmas trees and baubles, we change half of our shop into a Christmas shop. We have supplied Christmas decor for over forty years and we still have many customers who use us every year for their fresh Christmas tree, or customers who come every now and again to change their artificial tree for a new one. 

We have a lovely range of luxury Christmas decor, baubles, lights, garlands, trees (both artificial and live). Why not call down to our shop and treat yourself to a few lovely baubles for your tree, or a nice garland for your staircase. 

Take a look at our photo galleries on facebook and our website to see some of the lovely things we do. Call down to our Christmas shop today on the Lisburn Road in Belfast.




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